Craving Stassi is Available for PRE-ORDER!

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**Craving Stassi is available for PRE-ORDER**


Craving Stassi will be live before you know it, but why wait until September 30th to buy your copy?

Pre-order HERE for only $2.99!

(Craving Stassi is book 2 in the Fantasies Unmasked series. Desiring Lacey is book 1, and is currently on SALE for only $0.99. Go HERE for buy links!)


Stassi Sanderson knows what it’s like to be alone. Her father left when she was six-years-old; her mother did her best, but may as well have gone with him. Those hard times taught her a valuable lesson: people always disappoint.

For Stassi, the private parties are her safe haven. From loneliness. From expectations. A place where she can slip on a mask and be the woman she wants to be, instead of the part she plays. The tall, stunning blonde who isn’t afraid to relax and simply feel. Who pushes her erotic boundaries. The party’s anonymity allows her to explore her own brand of intimacy on her own terms…until she meets him.

Alec Taylor goes after what he wants. He wanted a successful restaurant, he made it happen. When he began running the private parties as a favor to a friend, he turned them into an intensely erotic environment where people could live out their fantasies free of judgement. And now? Now he wants Stassi. Needs her. Craves her with a force he hasn’t felt in a long, long time.

As much as Stassi would prefer he be nothing more than a party favor, Alec is determined to show her the kind of man he is. A man who will love her, protect her, and never, ever leave.



“Where’s your usual playmate?”
“Don’t know, don’t care.” Stassi raised an eyebrow and brushed her hair over her shoulder. “Why? Are you interested in taking over?”
He said nothing for a moment, then ran his tongue over his bottom lip. “So what if I am?”
Stassi’s sex clenched at his words. The man was intense. It wasn’t so much what he said as how he said it. No desperation. No pretense. He didn’t even really flirt. Just laid it all out there. Smooth. Direct. And fucking hot as hell. “If you are, then we can go to one of the rooms and see what happens. Clearly I find you attractive, or I wouldn’t have stayed. But I’m sure we both know attraction isn’t all there is. If we’re going to do this, we’ll have to have some sexual chemistry. This is where I come to relax, to fulfill that part of my life. I need a man who makes me wet the second I think of him. Someone who challenges me. Who isn’t afraid to go there with me. Someone who’s…raw. Those things can’t be tweaked or adjusted. They just are.” Stassi raised an eyebrow at her empty champagne glass, but before she could move to get another, he was directly in front of her. She leaned back against the side of the couch, the movement causing her to slide a little beneath him.
“Open your mouth.” He murmured.
Stassi’s rapid breaths caused her breasts to push against the fabric of her top, and she had a wild fantasy about him grabbing the material and ripping it the fuck off with his teeth. Savage and unrelenting. Like an animal. It brought out a side of her she didn’t often see. The Stassi who wanted to be told what to do. Ordered. But as sexy as he was, it wasn’t going to be that damn easy. He needed to earn it. “Make me.”
His expression remained serious, his gaze never leaving her eyes as he slowly bent down and brushed his mouth against hers. He parted them slightly and let his tongue trail a soft, hot path across the seam of her lips. “Open your mouth.”
Stassi shuddered as her nipples hardened painfully beneath her top. “No.”
He switched his glass of champagne to his right hand, and with his left he ran his palm along the curve of her neck, down the center of her trembling chest, and then underneath her skirt. “Open your mouth.”
She held her breath as his long fingers trailed a delicious path along her inner thighs, the bottom of her stomach, over her mound. Everywhere except where she needed it most, and it was driving her fucking crazy. “N…no.”
He removed his hand from beneath her skirt and brought it to his lips, his eyes burning into hers as he placed two fingers inside his mouth and sucked. “I’m only going to tell you one more time, blondie.” He whispered as he placed his hand over her pussy. “Open. Your. Mouth.”
Stassi gasped as he slid two thick fingers inside her, her back arched as she absorbed the pleasure.
He quickly placed his glass against her lips, poured the remaining bit of champagne into her mouth, and then kissed her. She swallowed it down and kissed him back, his tongue gliding against hers for only the briefest of moments before he pulled away. He slid his fingers into her mouth, and she moaned as the taste of champagne mixed with her arousal.
“Yes.” Stassi ran her hands along his chest, then down to where his hard length pressed against his pants. “Now take me to one of the rooms.”