Sex Scene Championship 2017!

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Hey, y’all!

I’ve decided to throw my hat into the 2017 Sex Scene Championship, and I need your HELP!!!!

Which scene do you like better? Which one is hotter? Sexier? Delightfully naughty or just plain memorable?


Each person who comments will be entered into a drawing to win signed copies of my Love and Justice Novella Collection AND Desiring Lacey!


Scene 1: Her Husband’s Brother / Jonathon and Lexie

She crossed over to him, then slid in and straddled his lap. “Thank you for my breakfast, Mr. Hayes. It was absolutely decadent.” She smiled at him as she slid her hands down to grasp the bulge in his boxers.

“Thank you, ma’am. It’s a secret recipe.” At her raised brows, he leaned forward. “Come here, and I’ll tell you the secret.”

Lexie smiled as she leaned in. His hot breath was at her ear; then he began to nibble on the lobe and run his tongue where his teeth had been.

“That’s a really good secret,” she sighed as she released his dick from his boxers.

“We might need to move this to the bedroom, darlin’,” Jonathon said as she rubbed the head against her opening.

“No need, darlin’.” Lexie pulled the condom from the shirt pocket and ripped it open with her teeth. After rolling it onto him, she repositioned herself above him and slid down until he was balls-deep.

Grabbing two handfuls of his hair, she crushed her mouth to his and began to rock her hips, every nerve on fire with the sensation of him inside her.

He ran his hands underneath her shirt, and she shivered at the feel of them on her body.

He stopped her when she went to remove her shirt. “Leave it on,” he said roughly. “I want it to smell like you. Like us.”

She moaned as her breath quickened. Her hands slid to the back of the chair, using it for leverage as she bucked her hips faster and faster.

Will I ever get tired of this? She didn’t know if that was possible, but the more time she spent with him, the more she thought not.

Jonathon placed his index finger in her mouth, and she closed her lips around it and sucked.

Then he pulled her closer with the other arm, and she felt his other hand at her ass.

Before she could protest, Jonathon whispered, “Trust me, baby. Let me make you feel good.”

She slowly nodded and waited. The finger she had moistened with her mouth gently probed.

“Relax, sweetheart.”

Lexie closed her eyes and breathed as she mentally told her muscles to relax. The next thing she knew, she felt him there. He slowly began to rock her on his cock with his other arm, while his finger slowly moved in and out.

It felt exquisite. She’d never felt so full. Lexie let her head fall back as she got used to the new sensation. After a few minutes, she felt the pressure building and started to ride him as fast and as hard as she could. Her clit rubbed perfectly against him, and she climbed, higher and higher until she screamed his name and fell over the edge. Her vision filled with white light. She heard him groan and felt the shudder that ran through him as he found his release.

For a few minutes, they just sat there with her head resting on his shoulder as they struggled to catch their breath.

Jonathon cradled her head and lifted it so he could look into her eyes, then placed a perfect kiss on her lips.

Lexie knew at that moment she was screwed. As crazy as it sounded, even to herself, she was falling hard for Jonathon Hayes.


Scene 2: Cuff Me / Robert and Lynette

ROBERT WATCHED AS Lynette knelt in front of him and took his engorged dick into her mouth like her sole purpose on this earth was to see to his pleasure. He moaned and couldn’t help but thrust his hips forward as he felt her take every inch that she could into her hot, wet mouth. She grabbed the base of his dick with her other hand and stroked the bottom as her mouth worked the top. Holy fuck, she was incredible.

“That’s enough. I need to taste you, now,” he growled. “I’ve been dreaming about how you taste since that night. So sweet and perfect.”

She pulled away just long enough for him to hear her moan, “No, not yet,” and then he was back in her mouth.

Okay, if that’s the way you want to play it. That’s fine with me.

He pulled her away long enough for him to drop to the floor with her. He lay on his back and pulled her down until she had his dick in her mouth again. She moaned and continued her assault. When she’d set her pace, he quickly grabbed her hips and lifted her until she straddled him, taking delight in her gasp of surprise. With her spread out and on display, he couldn’t help the groan that escaped his lips. Her pink pussy glistened with her arousal. He spread her wider with his hands and then slowly licked her, starting at her clit and going all the way up.

“Oh, yes!” She moaned in pleasure. Oh yeah, she liked that. Thank goodness, because he didn’t think he’d be able to stop. Every inch of her was fucking perfect. As she continued to work his dick in her mouth, he mercilessly devoured her pussy and every now and then let his tongue creep higher to her most sensitive spot until it was nice and wet, and he could feel her thighs as they shook around his head. He reached to the side to grab the butt plug, and after rubbing it in her juices, he slowly began to play with her anus.

“Is this okay?” he asked when he felt her go still. “I’ll be gentle, I promise. If you don’t like it, just tell me and I’ll stop.”

“It’s…it’s okay,” she whispered as she slowly went back to servicing his dick.

He could tell she was nervous, but the fact that she decided to trust him with her body was not lost on him. He’d be sure to make it comfortable for her.

As he continued to slowly pleasure her with his mouth, sucking at her folds and building up her arousal, he gently twisted the toy against her, each time letting the tip get just a little deeper inside. When he finally had it completely in, he pressed the On button.

“Oh!” Lynette practically screamed her pleasure as the toy vibrated inside her ass.

“This okay, angel?” he asked as he pushed a finger inside her pussy and began lapping at her clit with his tongue.

“Yes. God, yes.” She had completely stopped what she was doing to his cock, but he didn’t care. Seeing her abandon her self-consciousness was sexy as hell. Soon she had to grip his thighs to hold herself up while she ground her pussy against his mouth. When he pulled her clit between his lips and started a pulsing suction, she fell apart on top of him. He felt her inner walls tighten around his finger, and her thighs contracted with the force of her orgasm. He took his finger away and began to rub his hands up and down her thighs as his tongue slowed to a tender caress, trying to gently bring her down from her orgasm.

When she finally fell down on top of him, he gently rolled her until she was on her back. He walked to his nightstand and grabbed a condom from his wallet, then returned to her as he rolled it on. Making sure the butt plug was still snugly in place, he threw her right leg over his shoulder and entered her in one strong thrust. Jesus, she felt amazing. Snug and warm and wet.

“Do you like that, angel?” he asked, even though he damn well knew the answer. He just wanted to hear her say it. Hear her say how he worked every inch of her body like only he could and how she fucking loved it.

“Yes, God yes. There’s sensation everywhere.”

With the moonlight peeking in through the blinds, he could see her face was clouded with pleasure. She was amazing. He slowly thrust in and out of her, wanting to build both of their pleasure while at the same time trying to savor the feel of her. He didn’t know when he’d have this chance again, if at all, and he planned to memorize every detail. The sound of her moans, the way she tightened around his cock as she lifted her hips to meet him thrust for thrust, the way her soft skin felt against his. If he wasn’t careful, he could get lost in her, and that would be a mistake.

“Oh, Robert, I’m close. Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.” The sound of Lynette begging had his dick ready to explode. He quickened his pace, not wanting to finish before she came again. He pushed himself up to his knees and lifted her hips to meet his thrusts. He turned his head to the side and licked her instep, then bit into it.

“Ahh!” He watched as she came apart beneath him. Back arched, tits bouncing while she squeezed her eyes shut, her mouth open as she moaned. Shit. The feel of her pussy milking his dick had him coming with her. He moaned as he emptied himself into her with a force he didn’t know was possible.

After he’d come down from his orgasm, he slowly rolled off and lay beside her. Their bodies relaxed into each other as their breaths slowed.


Scene 3: In the Shadows / Conner and Rosie

Conner yanked off his shirt, then made haste removing his shoes, socks, and jeans. He walked toward Rosie but stopped when he got directly in front of her. He’d fantasized about this nonstop, and it was going to go his way. Rosie liked to feel in charge, and that was fine with him, but not when she was in his damn bed. “Take off my boxers.”

Rosie swallowed and then did as she was told. She had to drop down to her knees to get them all the way off, and he fought the urge to feel himself in her mouth again. When she was done, she stood and looked at him expectantly. Yeah, something told him she loved being told what to do.

“Get on the bed and take off your dress.” Conner instructed through clenched teeth.

Rosie turned and walked to the bed, then bent over and crawled to the center on her hands and knees. Her ass swayed side to side in the air, her panty-clad pussy peeking out from beneath her dress. When she’d made it to the center, she turned to face him, still on her knees. She grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head, discarding it on the floor. She looked like a fucking goddess, her face flushed, lips swollen from her killer blowjob, wearing a provocative lacy black bra and panty set that perfectly hugged her voluptuous body.

“Now the bra.” Conner fisted his erection and began to stroke it as he watched her hastily rid herself of the garment. He smiled and walked toward her. “It would seem someone is in a hurry.”

“Yes,” she panted.

“Why are your legs shaking, baby?”

“Because I want you. I need you.”

“Soon, baby; but first, lie down.”

She paused for a second, then did as he instructed.

“Spread your legs for me.” He hissed under his breath when her legs fell to the side. Her panties were wet in the center from her arousal, and he had to grip the base of his dick hard to keep from coming. “Show me how you touched yourself.”

Rosie squirmed against the bed, no doubt in as much agony as he was, if not more. She trembled as she slid her fingers underneath the elastic of her panties, then cried out when they came in contact with her clit.

He watched as she pleasured herself, her fingers dipping in and out of the fabric. When he couldn’t take another second of the exquisite torture, he bent down in front of her and sucked on her sex through her panties.

“Oh, Conner. Fuck.” Rosie’s hips came off the bed in desperation. “Please, take off my panties. Please, baby. I need to feel you.”

Conner slid his fingers into the sides of her panties and slipped them down and off her legs. Then he positioned himself between her thighs. “Don’t stop touching yourself,” he instructed. As her fingers continued to work her clit, he breathed in her delicious scent, then took one long, slow, deep lick.

Rosie moaned and worked herself side to side against his mouth. After a few torturously slow licks, he grabbed her hand and sucked her juices off her fingers. Then he placed her hands by her sides and held them tightly as he attacked her pussy. She tasted fucking perfect, a mixture of woman and sweet honey. He felt her hands and fingers squeeze together as she got closer to the brink. She moaned, and her thighs tightened around his head as he continued to lick every inch of her sex. Finally, he released one of her hands and inserted two fingers into her tight channel.

“Oh, Conner!” she screamed as she found her release, writhing back and forth underneath him, riding out the pleasure. He slowed his tongue and fingers, gently coaxing her back down from her high. When she finally relaxed, he grabbed a condom from his jeans, sheathed himself, and finally entered her.

ROSIE WRAPPED HER legs around Conner’s hips as he sank into her. His thick, rigid erection stretched her insides in the most delectable way possible. She’d never felt this kind of connection, and she desperately wanted to be as close to him as possible. She brushed his hair to the side and stared into his piercing blue eyes. He leaned in to kiss her, her scent and taste still fresh on his lips and tongue. She melted into him as he slowly thrust into her. Their tongues collided in a slow, erotic dance. He moved deep inside, grabbing her heart and claiming it as his own. She met him thrust for thrust, moaning and whimpering into his mouth when the pleasure was too much to contain.

“Hold on to me,” he whispered as he pulled her onto him, then sat so she was straddling him.

She squirmed on top of him, her body super sensitive, arching her back as another orgasm quickly approached. She shivered as his hands rubbed her back, his hard body flexing underneath hers. She leaned over and kissed him, then pulled back and cupped her breasts with both hands, pinching her nipples as he watched. “When you heard me touching myself…what did you do?”

He stared into her eyes, burning her insides with his intensity. “When I heard you moaning and whimpering, I knew what you were doing. All I could think about was how much I wanted to be in there, feel your pussy squeeze my dick, feel your body against mine.”

He pulled her nipple into his mouth, slowly circling the bud with his tongue, then turned to the other to give it the same treatment. He grabbed her hips and worked her faster on him, the sensations building inside her core, threatening to hurl her over the edge.

“I went and took a shower and jerked off to the thought of your body, to the sound of your voice in my head. I came so fucking hard I thought I was going to pass out.”

“Ah!” Rosie came with a force she didn’t know existed. Her entire body jerked on top of his as the orgasm consumed her.

“Look at me.” Conner urged, grabbing the back of her head and angling her face so she stared into his eyes as her body continued to spasm. “Who did this to you? Who worshipped your pussy and made you come this fucking hard?” He spoke with clenched teeth, clearly on the brink of his own release.

“You did. Only you can do this to me.” She leaned in and kissed him, then pulled his tongue between her lips and sucked, her tongue swirling around his. He moaned and shuddered violently as he gave in to his orgasm.

Finally, sweaty, spent, and exhausted, they fell against the bed. She was vaguely aware of him disposing of the condom. Then he slid his arms around her body and pulled her close. She inhaled his masculine scent as she drifted to sleep.


Scene 4: Wicked Game / William and Kara

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” Kara whispered as she let her hands fall from his neck to his chest, her fingers fanning out to rub the muscles pressed against his shirt.

“I can guarantee you it’s a terrible idea,” he murmured against her cheek.

“So you regret it, then? Us?”

“There’s only one thing I regret.”

Kara looked up. The lust in his eyes alarmed her—intense and all-encompassing, like an animal he usually kept hidden, and only she was able to coax it out.

“When we were together, it was so sudden and fast. It was great, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve thought about it so many times…” He skated his hands over the top of her shirt, and her nipples hardened almost painfully as his fingertips brushed across them. “If I could do it over, I would have fucked you slower, taken my time, studied every curve of your body, and locked it into my memory for later.”

Kara pushed her body against him and gasped when her tummy came into contact with his thick and pulsing erection. She slowly scrunched the hem of his shirt up, then allowed her fingers to brush over his stomach. His flesh was on fire, and it only intensified her arousal.

William ran his tongue along the outside of her ear, stopping momentarily to nibble on her earlobe before brushing his lips against hers. “And I would have kissed you. Thoroughly.” He looked into her eyes as if to ask permission.

Kara held his gaze, then slowly closed her eyes and parted her lips against his.

WILLIAM DIDN’T HESITATE to take advantage of the invitation. He delved into her mouth, her tongue hot and wet, and he could barely contain a groan as it slid against his. He placed his hand in her hair and tilted her head back, deepening the kiss. His other hand fell just below her belly button, and as his fingers flirted with the top of her shorts, he knew he’d die if he didn’t get his mouth on what lay beneath them. “Can I taste you?”

Kara quickly nodded and began to fidget with her button and zipper.

He smiled against her mouth, then licked the seam of her lips before pulling the bottom one between his teeth. He walked her backward until she stood against the bar. He moved her shaking hands and unzipped her shorts, but before he could tug them down, she reached down and stopped him.

“Wait, I forgot something. We can’t do this right now.” Her face was flushed and her breathing ragged, her heaving chest pushing her breasts against her shirt.

“Why the fuck not?” he asked.

“I…” Kara looked around, clearly embarrassed about something. What could be so terrible they’d have to stop was beyond him. “I didn’t shave.”

William couldn’t help but chuckle; like a little hair would stop him from feasting on that gorgeous pussy. Her gorgeous pussy. He leaned in and kissed her again, swallowing her moan as he reached inside her shorts and panties and plunged his finger deep inside her wet heat. “It feels perfect to me, baby. Do you usually shave it all?” Kara nodded as she rocked herself forward and backward against his hand. “Well…don’t. I like a little texture on my tongue.”

Kara clearly liked what she heard because she curled her fingers into his hair and kissed him, hard. Her lips smashed against his as she sucked his tongue into her mouth, twirling her own tongue around his.

He pulled away from her and ripped her shirt over her head, then pulled her bra cups down so her tits spilled out over the top. He leaned in and latched on to one nipple, biting into it with just enough pressure to have her gasping above him. He dropped to his knees and pulled her shorts and panties down her legs, quickly helped her step out of them, and then threw them to the side. He allowed his nose to travel up her leg and thigh, inhaling her decadent scent. Holy fuuuck. Her pussy was perfect. A small thatch of hair covered the top, and her musky arousal made his dick pulse almost unbearably. When he couldn’t take another second of torture, he leaned in and took one long, slow, deep lick into her folds.

Kara moaned above him, her fingers curled in his hair, arching her back as she pushed her sex against his mouth. This wouldn’t work. He wanted more. He wanted to see her spread out for him. Above him, where he could watch every time she clenched her pussy in ecstasy.

She cried out when he pulled away from her. He tongued up her stomach, in between her breasts, then around her neck. “Stay there,” he instructed, panting from his own desire. He quickly grabbed one of the stepstools they’d used while painting and brought it next to her. “Turn around, put one foot on the stepstool, then place your other knee on top of the bar.”

Kara’s face was uncertain, but she did as he said, tentatively placing one foot on the stool, then after a quick glance over her shoulder at him, placed her knee on the bar.

“Now, put your hands on the bar and bend forward. And Kara…stick that perfect ass out for me. While I have you in front of me I want to see every single inch of you.”

Kara’s arms shook, whether from nerves or her need for release, he didn’t know. But she looked back at him, her eyes scorching his; then she slowly bent forward, arching her back and putting her spectacular ass and pussy on display for him.

William took a moment to take in the view, and my, oh my, it was a spectacular view indeed. Unwilling to let another second go to waste, he got on his knees below her and pulled her clit into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the bundle of nerves, then pulled his lips over it, giving Kara an erotic sort of French kiss.

“Ah!” Kara breathlessly sobbed; her legs and thighs shook around his head. He deepened his kiss and grabbed her thighs with both hands to hold her up and open for his feasting.

“You’re perfect,” he mumbled between long licks and sucks to her clit and folds. She was soaked from her desire, and he loved every bit of it. “You’re the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen. Come for me, Priss Pot. I want to taste your satisfaction on my tongue. Give it to me.” He pulled her clit into his mouth, and after a few deep pulls, he placed it between his teeth and gently bit down.

Kara came violently on top of him, and it was truly beautiful to witness. He felt her thighs clench under his hands, her pussy convulse against his mouth. He tasted her sweet release, savoring each drop on his lips and tongue. He continued to softly and tenderly run his tongue along her sex, gently coaxing her down from her orgasm.


Scene 5: Desiring Lacey / Cameron and Lacey

“What’s he doing to her?” Cameron asked as his hands made their way down to her chest, and his long fingers massaged the tops of her breasts over her dress. He applied perfect pressure, squeezing them just right, and her nipples hardened beneath his touch.

“He’s going down on her.”

Cameron chuckled and allowed his hands to travel to her waist. “Going down on her? Please. That’s what guys do when they feel it’s something they have to do. Like it’s a chore.” He removed his hands, then made his way around her chair until he was in front of her. He placed his palms on her shaking knees, his thumbs still massaging, and ran his tongue over his lips. “Open your legs?”

Lacey watched her legs tremble as she parted them slightly, allowing Cameron to slide in between them. The feel of his body and his heat against her center had her helplessly trying to grind into the chair. Anything to get some friction where she needed it most.

He leaned in until their lips almost touched, but stopped just short of kissing her. “What he’s doing, Lacey, is eating her pussy.” He ran his mouth across her cheek and to her ear, his hot breath sending chills up her spine as he spoke. “Watch him. He’s devouring her. He wants to feel every ounce of her wetness on his tongue, then he wants to swallow it down. Do you see? Can you tell the difference?”

Lacey watched, transfixed, as the man’s tongue disappeared in and out of the woman. She heard him moan as he used his fingers to fill her up. Every now and then, he’d place one of them back into his

mouth and suck off her juices, then he’d grab her thighs or hips and push her down farther into his mouth. Onto his face.

“Oh!” Lacey threw her head back as Cameron used the palm of his hand to push against her center.

“Mmm…I can feel how wet you are. Tell me, baby, do you need to come?”

“Yes…yes please.” She clumsily attempted to remove her stockings, but he took her hands and placed them on the armrests.

“No need,” he grabbed the middle of her pantyhose, right above her sex, and ripped them open.

Her center throbbed from both her need and the cool air that now caressed her sensitive skin. She could feel her wetness on her inner thighs, and she attempted to rub them together to get some sort of relief, but it proved impossible with him kneeling between her legs.

Cameron leaned down and hovered just above her sex.

Her legs shook, her fingers dug into the armrests, and her hips continuously rose off the chair involuntarily. Just when she was ready to beg for him to put his mouth on her, she felt his tongue softly skate over her lips.

“Keep looking at them,” he whispered against her. “Watch them while I eat you.”

She opened her eyes as the couple changed positions. The man climbed his way up the woman’s body and ran his fingers over her nipples. She arched her back beneath him, filling his hands with her full breasts. Their sounds of pleasure filled the room when he finally thrust into her. Lacey saw the exact moment the man pushed his dick deep inside the woman, and it sent a shiver through her body and into her sex, where Cameron’s mouth gladly absorbed it. He moaned, no, growled, against her wet flesh, and she couldn’t help but run her fingers through his hair and scoot a little closer. He pulled away just long enough to grab her, his fingertips pressed firmly into her hips, and yank her forward until her ass hung off the chair. He positioned her legs over his shoulders and lifted her, then slid his fingers inside her while his tongue softly massaged her clit. Back and forth, in and out, back and forth…

“Oh, God. Cameron, I…I think I’m going to come. Can you do it faster, please?”

“Do what faster, sugar?”


“Say it.” He pulled away and looked at her, his eyes dark and hooded, his lips wet from her center. “I’ll do anything you want, I promise you. Anything to make you come. Just tell me what it is, baby.”

“Eat me faster, please.” Lacey whimpered.

“Eat what, sugar?”

He was toying with her, the little prick, and she wasn’t about to let him get away with it. Fake it till you make it. She took a deep breath as she gathered up every ounce of courage she had, looked him straight in the eyes, and spoke with a confidence she wasn’t aware she possessed. “Eat my pussy faster. And harder. Please.” She curled her fingers into his short hair and gently pulled him down as she shimmied her sex beneath him, just out of reach of his mouth.

Cameron did exactly as she requested. His tongue pushed with more pressure against her clit and through her folds in small, fast circles. Then he went down and wiggled it into her opening, lapping

her up from the inside, fucking her with his mouth.

The pressure began to build deep inside her. Her engorged clit pulsed with the need for release, and she continued to raise her hips and circle her center against his mouth. He took everything she gave.

His moans vibrated against her skin as he licked every inch of her, his fingers flexing against her while his tongue pushed her toward her release. She felt his hands curl around the tops of her thighs, then he pulled her aching clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, his lips massaging as he kissed and sucked.

Lacey’s entire body went stiff as she came. The sensation rolled through her, over and over, and the second she thought she couldn’t possibly come anymore, he used his fingers to spread her lips and lick her again with the flat of his tongue. Slowly and incredibly softly, intensifying her orgasm.

He continued to tenderly kiss her center as her breathing returned to normal, his lips applying the gentlest of pressure to her folds. Finally, he ran his hands up the back of her thighs until he cupped her ass, gave it a squeeze, then pushed her back until she sat in the chair again.


Scene 6: Desiring Lacey / Cameron and Lacey

Lacey lowered herself onto Cameron’s thighs, then rotated her bottom in large, slow circles. His hard cock pressed against her and made her feel even more desirable. Decadent. She grabbed the bottom of her dress and slowly pulled it up and over her head, then tossed it on the floor. The cool air made her gasp as her breasts tumbled free and her nipples hardened. She leaned back onto Cameron’s warm chest and moaned as his large hands found her breasts. He kneaded them and ran his fingertips over her nipples, which were covered by two black heart pasties.

“That guy is jacking off to you. Can you see him?”

Lacey finally managed to open her eyes through her pleasure and look at the gentleman Cameron referred to. Just as he’d said, his dick was out of his pants and he gave it slow, long strokes as he watched them. “I see him.”

“Do you like that? Does it make your sweet little pussy nice and wet to know he’s getting off to what he’ll never fucking have?”

Lacey moaned and raised her hips as he ran his fingertips under the elastic of her tiny thong. “Do you want to find out?”

“Mmm… Always, sugar.”

Lacey stood and hooked her thumbs into her panties, then swirled them around, but never fully took them off. She turned her head to her right when she heard some moans from the side of her. She made eye contact with a beautiful blonde who sat on the floor on her knees. Her dress strap had fallen off her shoulder, so much so that one of her breasts was fully exposed. She squeezed her nipple with one hand, while her other hand held onto the long red hair of her lover, who was underneath her eating her pussy.

Lacey knew she was sopping wet as she watched the women in front of her. She’d never really considered being with another woman, but her body reacted in a very powerful way as she watched them.

Maybe she’d bring it up with Cameron later. Just an idea to toss around.

Lacey turned back to Cameron and her heart filled with joy. She could tell him anything, any wish, and fear, any fantasy, and he’d be there for her. She slowly walked toward him until she stood between

his legs. “Take my panties off.”

Cameron reached down and adjusted his cock through his pants, then sat on the edge of the chair. He brought his hands up her soft calves and thighs until he’d hooked them in the sides of

her panties. He looked up so he could watch her reaction, and the sight took his breath away. Her smooth tummy, her bare tits and hard nipples rising and falling with her rapid breaths. She kept glancing to her side, and Cameron looked to see what had her attention.

He chuckled when he saw what had his little sex minx so preoccupied. An attractive redhead sat in a chair moaning and thrashing while a blonde woman fucked her with a dildo. “Do you like what you’re watching?”

Lacey looked down and giggled. “Very much.”

“Hm.” Cameron slowly began to slip her panties down her hips. “We’ll have to talk about that later.”

Lacey gasped as Cameron let the material fall down her thighs and legs, until she carefully stepped out of them. He brushed his lips against her skin, and he could smell her arousal as he went higher. Lacey’s breathing was heavy and ragged, her lust and need evident in every single inch of her body. She squeezed her thighs together, then brought one foot up and placed it on the armrest, opening her pussy to him. He watched, mesmerized, as one bead of her arousal slowly fell from her pussy and dripped down her thigh, leaving a small trail in its wake. His erection swelled painfully and precum leaked from the tip of his dick.

“Watch me, Lacey.” Cameron made sure he had her attention as he leaned in, placed his lips just below the drop, then followed the shiny path with his tongue, all the way up, until his mouth was on her wet flesh.

Lacey let out a pained whimper as she grabbed his head and pulled him impossibly closer.

Cameron used his lips and tongue to kiss her clit, massage it, whatever it took to bring her to the brink and make her feel like the fucking sex goddess she was. “Turn around and bend over, sugar, and

put your hands on the ground.”

Lacey did as instructed, and Cameron made sure all eyes were on them before he buried his face in her pussy again. She moaned and jerked and pushed her ass backward into him, and he took every bit of it. Drank up every drop of her arousal, absorbed every single tremor with his tongue.

He heard muffled grunts and groans as some of the men and women around them found their release. He felt Lacey’s muscles begin to tighten, and he knew she’d come soon. Now was his cue.

He pulled away from her and grabbed her arm, then twirled her to face him. He picked her up in one smooth motion, and she greedily wrapped her legs around his waist. He turned and made his way to the room in the very back of the hallway that he’d made sure stayed empty.

“Was that enough for you, baby?” He asked as he opened the door and then shut and locked it behind them. “I sure as shit hope it was, because I can’t go another second without being balls deep in you.” Cameron tossed her on the bed and quickly stripped off his clothes and mask.

Lacey gently pulled the pasties off her nipples and tossed them to the side. “It was perfect, baby. Thank you. Now I just need you to come fuck me.” She ripped off her mask as well and tossed it to the

floor. “Come on, Cameron. Put that perfect cock of yours inside me.”


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